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Linda's beloved dog Buster crossed the Rainbow Bridge early Monday morning, January 3, 2011. Buster always fought hard through any illness -- minor or major -- and lived a long and wonderful life. Five years ago, after being sick around Christmas that year, our vet found that Buster had cancer in one of his lungs. Luckily, it was detected fairly early! Buster went through a successful surgery at Columbia MO's Animal Hospital and recovered strong. Though Buster was given an estimated nine months to live by the Vets, he surprised everyone with his strength, courage and zest for life and lived an extra FIVE long, wonderful years! Everyday with Buster was a gift, and he is missed dearly. We hope Buster's story inspires people everywhere -- because there is hope. Can't wait to see you again someday, Buster! Everyone loves you very, very much!

Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the early hours of September 22, 2011. Sadie was a rescue dog who was found wandering in a park. Sadie most likely was dumped as the contact information on her microchip led to unanswered calls, but she was very well-cared for; thus, her story was confusing and heart-breaking. Blind and deaf and an older dog, Sadie managed to find her way around her new home with grace and determination until her kidney failure could no longer be containted. Sadie was a strong, beautiful girl and is loved and missed dearly. Rest in peace, sweet Sadie!